Gold Gives Back!

Bronx, NY - September 15, 2018

Bronx, NY – On Saturday September 15, 2018, over 80 Hermanos of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc gathered at Havana Bronx Cafe to celebrate brotherhood. The purpose of the event was to reignite the fraternal passion within a select group of Hermanos who joined the fraternity in 1982 – 2002.

The luncheon attracted Hermanos from Rhode Island to Maryland, and as far west as Texas. One dedicated Hermano who lives in Australia successfully arranged a work trip to be present for this occasion. In attendance were 6 past National Council Presidents, 4 Past Chairmen of the Board of Directors, and numerous Hermanos who have served La Fraternidad in various capacities, such as chapter Presidents, members of the Board of Directors, National Council officers or on Regional Leadership teams.

The focus of the event was to promote fraternal relevance, and to underscore how the fraternity can continue to play a role in the lives of Hermanos who are now in their 40’s and 50’s. La Unidad Para Siempre does not end when adult life begins and it can continue to inspire camaraderie and connection as our alumni age gracefully. Brotherhood evolves and this gathering was the first of many future efforts to demonstrate how the fraternity can evolve too.

During the event, a new partnership was unveiled. The fraternity, in conjunction with La Unidad Latina Service and Education Fund (SEF), announced a groundbreaking opportunity by recognizing a class of SEF donors as lifetime Hermanos. By donating $1,750 to the newly created “Gold Gives Back” fund, Hermanos will be eligible to receive a Lifetime Hermano designation, regardless of their dues-paying status. This dedicated fund through SEF allows Alumni Hermanos to make tax-deductible donations of $1,750 and to be recognized as Lifetime Active Hermanos of LUL. This restricted fund will be disbursed to LUL by SEF on a grant application basis and will only fund programs and initiatives that serve SEF’s purpose – to fulfill Las Metas of La Unidad Latina.

This announcement was received with such enthusiasm, that approximately $40,000 was pledged to SEF that day. With a sustainable financial operation, the goal is to ensure these grants serve as a catalyst for initiatives to focus on accelerating the growth of seasoned Latino leaders who strive to reach the highest rung of the ladder as community leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, professionals or as parents.

Together, LUL and SEF are committed to fulfilling this vision.