Welcome Parents!

As a parent you want your son to have the best life experiences possible. The choices he makes today will have a great impact on his life long after his undergraduate experiences are over. We believe that membership within La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated (LUL) is one of the best decisions your son can make. We commit ourselves to a lifetime of brotherhood, professionalism, culture and community. These ideals guide our actions both as an organization and as individuals.


La Unidad Latina’s mission is to take a leadership role in our communities through academic achievement, cultural awareness and community service. We encourage all parents to actively participate in your son’s transition into becoming a leader. Lambda men are leaders among their peers and in their communities. Being a Lambda comes with great responsibility and all brothers are expected to conduct themselves with respect and chivalry at all times.


La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. exists, first and foremost, to ensure the academic success of the Latino community. As an organization predominantly situated in the space of higher education we are committed to increasing the ranks of Latinos in both the student population and faculty on campuses across the nation. A strong emphasis is placed on academic success within our organization as manifested in our academic standards for prospective membership, active membership and chapter leadership. The works of our organization are intended to positively affect the academic experience of our Hermanos and the community they serve. We are proud of our organization’s 91% graduation rate and work diligently to increase this rate as well as that of the community at large. As the parents of prospective members and Hermanos we want you to be confident that we take responsibility for their academic success.


“La Unidad Para Siempre” is the motto of our great brotherhood and it is indicative of the lifelong relationships fostered among Hermanos. La Unidad Latina serves as a system of support during and beyond Hermanos’ collegiate experiences. We are committed to being a part of Hermanos’ lives through their academic and professional pursuits. Once a prospective member becomes a Hermano his family becomes a part of our extended family. We are delighted to be a part of Hermanos’ personal aspirations and major life events from graduations to the birthdays of their children. Parents can rest assured that membership in La Unidad Latina is an extension of the familial values they’ve instilled in the men they’ve raised.


La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. unequivocally prohibits hazing during the New Member Education process as delineated in our anti-hazing policy. As an organization we are committed to the physical and mental well being of our prospective members and Hermanos. Parents have gone to great lengths to ensure that their children are successful and we are committed to ensuring that their safety remains the least of your concerns. It is our firm belief that brotherhood cannot be fostered in an environment where there is a lack of respect or regard for the safety of the prospective member and/or Hermanos. We are open to communication between parents and our organization; should you have any questions you may contact our Director of Internal Affairs (

Parental Engagement:
Lambda Upsilon Lambda encourages parents to:

– Verify the recognition status of organizations at that college/university
– Attend the college or university open house
– Familiarize yourselves with the college/universities Greek Life page & their policies
– Research the fraternity
– Attend fraternal sponsored event & activities
– Share thoughts/reservations with your child
– Support your child in their final decision

Lambda Upsilon Lambda focuses on:

– Leadership Development
– Academics
– Culture
– Brotherhood
– Service

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