2019 New York Diversity Career Conference – Lifting As We Climb

Exposure and Engagement: New York Diversity Career Conference (NYDCC)

For many underrepresented/first-generation college students, attending and graduating from college can change the trajectory of their lives, the lives of their families, and in some cases, the lives of their community. For students who were not raised learning the language associated with college or a career, simple terms like “summer internship” or “networking” can be foreign concepts. Studies suggest that intervention—even relatively modest intervention—can have a meaningful impact on the post-graduate success of underrepresented/first-generation college students.

This year’s National Convention will include a career development component for undergrads, where Hermanos will be exposed to the resources, role models and career roadmaps critical to their short-term and long-term professional success. The New York Diversity Career Conference (NYDCC) will closely mirror the format of the Los Angeles Diversity Career Conference (LADCC) held at USC’s Marshall School of Business during the Fall of 2018. NYDCC will feature presentations by leading internship programs and eight career panels across – Education, Law, Engineering, Technology, Business, Public Service, Art, and Medicine.

Date: Saturday July 27, 2019

Location: New York City – New York Marriott Downtown in the Financial District