Creating Leaders

Un Lider No Nace, Se Hace!
A Leader is not born, he is made. As Hermanos, we take our role of creating leaders very seriously. We understand that we serve as positive role models for our communities. La Unidad Latina seeks to take a leadership role in empowering the Latino community by raising cultural awareness, promoting community service, and supporting academic and professional development.

Fraternidad (Brotherhood)
We believe Fraternidad, the embodiment of unity, friendship, and spirit, is the ideal that should guide our actions both as an organization and as individuals.

Liderazgo (Leadership)
We believe leadership provides a focus for a cause or idea through exemplary behavior and actions, which serves as the inspiration for others. La Fraternidad shall tap the synergies among an Hermano’s personal conduct, identity, cultura, and academic achievement to encourage leadership development.

Empoderamiento (Empowerment)
We believe empowerment is the simultaneous realization of one’s role as a leader and the undertaking of the goals one must accomplish. La Fraternidad shall provide, develop, and implement the tools for empowerment.

Becas (Scholarship)
We believe scholarship enhances our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, improves our ability to understand societal problems, and aids in the development of solutions to those problems. Therefore, La Fraternidad shall stress that each Hermano strive to excel academically and continue to learn from those around us.

Educación (Education)
We believe educating others is essential in order for society to flourish. People must develop their potential and participate fully in society. La Fraternidad, in an effort to educate others, shall support and undertake formal and informal projects to educate others.

Servicio a la Comunidad (Community Service)
We believe every individual ought to positively affect society. La Fraternidad shall devote itself to serving the community.

Ética (Ethics)
We believe dignity, integrity, honor, pride, and respect are the foundation upon which we develop La Fraternidad. They are the criteria against which potential and current Hermanos are judged.

Igualdad (Equality)
We believe that society does not offer everyone equal economic and political opportunities. La Fraternidad shall address this issue by directing the disadvantaged, particularly Latinos, to existing opportunities and creating new ones.

Identidad (Identity)
We believe a strong personal identity is the understanding and acceptance of one’s self. La Fraternidad shall engender in each Hermano a sense of self worth by providing an atmosphere in which he can express, share, and explore his beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

Cultura (Culture)
We believe cultura links us with our past, defines our present, and provides direction for our future. La Fraternidad shall encourage each Hermano to learn, maintain, and promote the richness of all our histories, languages, and traditions.

Sacrificio (Sacrifice)
We believe sacrifice is the giving of oneself for the benefit of others. It is essential for the improvement of our community. La Fraternidad has far reaching goals for the general good, and we expect each Hermano to give as much of himself necessary to achieve those goals.

Interacción Social (Social Interaction)
We believe social interaction among people provides a basis for the exchange of ideas and experiences that in turn provide a common ground upon which individuals can work toward the attainment of overlapping goals. La Fraternidad shall foster relationships among individual Hermanos, La Fraternidad, and the general society.