(HEADER) Serving with a Purpose
There are a multitude of complex challenges currently confronting the Latino community in the areas of education, immigration, healthcare, political representation, to name just a few. Yet simultaneously as the fastest growing segment of the American population, the potential of Latinos to influence the future of this country and the world has never been greater.

Our Fraternity understands that as educated Latino scholars and professionals all Hermanos have the capacity and responsibility to give back to our communities. Therefore, serving the Latino community in order to overcome its challenges and actualize its potential is one of the fundamental objectives of La Unidad Latina.

Our Fraternity envisions itself as a national leader in raising awareness, and more importantly providing meaningful opportunities for our members and for the community at large to engage in activities, programs and partnerships that contribute to proactively addressing these challenges and developing the potential of all Latinos. Our goal is the empowerment of students, community members and professionals to collaborate toward connecting existing resources, capacities and solutions with real needs.

(HEADER) Community Service Priorities
Given the many diverse areas of need within the Latino community La Unidad Latina must focus its community service efforts and volunteer work toward certain priorities that align with our mission as an organization. These priorities are as follows:

  1. Increasing the number of Latinos in Higher Education including students, administrators and professors
  2. Advancing the achievement of Latinos in professional careers
  3. Empowering the Latino community in the political, economic and social spheres
  4. Uniting a region of the Fraternity and the Latino community around a particular issue or effort of value

(HEADER) Partnering for Success
In order to increase the effectiveness and impact of our efforts, La Unidad Latina works with multiple partner organizations on our campuses, in our cities and states, and at the national level. At the national level, currently La Unidad Latina partners with two organizations the Hispanic College Fund and Rock the Vote.

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