As a Latino-based Fraternity, we pride ourselves in knowing that our membership is comprised of Hermanos from various backgrounds. The diversity amongst our ranks has allowed us to build a solid foundation on which to base our current and future goals for our organization. Furthermore, we believe that the rich cultures that fall under the unifying term “Latino” should be expressed and experienced by all. Thus, our Hermanos are encouraged to organize local and large events that highlight different aspects of their cultures.

Our membership is comprised of Hermanos who can trace their roots to all countries and cultures throughout Latin America in addition to Hermanos who are of multiple ethnicities. By exploring and becoming more familiar with the different aspects of our cultures that unify us, we aim to uplift Latino communities and bring Latino issues to the forefront of local, social, educational, and political debates. In addition, our Fraternity places a significant emphasis on the Indigenous roots that most Latinos can identify with. We believe it is important to note the struggles that our parents, grandparents, and ancestors overcame—whether it be in Latin America or in the U.S. through recent Latino-based movements in order to analyze the progress we have made as a group of people and aim for further success in the future.

By cultivating our Hermanos with knowledge on the complexity and multifaceted nature of Latinos, they become versatile leaders who graduate and work with organizations and universities that align with our goals of ensuring that Latinos can obtain access to higher education and fulfilling careers.