La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated was established in 1982 at Cornell University in an attempt to provide a formal structure for the positive presence of underrepresented groups at institutions of higher learning across the nation through brotherhood. La Fraternidad, or brotherhood, functions socially in a unique and positive manner, providing an atmosphere in which each Hermano can develop himself academically and professionally, in turn sharing his experiences in order to propagate knowledge. Most importantly, in creating a deep sense of familia that permeates all that we do, every Hermano has a place where he can truly be respected and supported. In doing so, La Unidad Latina redefines the concept of brotherhood.

Our motto captures the essence of our Hermandad; “La Unidad Para Siempre” refers to our commitment to this fraternity, its Hermanos, and indissoluble union. Our involvement with the fraternity does not end at graduation. It is a lifelong commitment that continues well past attaining a degree. Alumni of Lambda Upsilon Lambda continuously give back, each in their own way; this is done by serving as mentors to younger brothers and as professional contacts to those Hermanos who are preparing to enter the work force. The men who join our fraternity join more than an organization; they join an unbreakable brotherhood for life.

La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated holds brotherhood as paramount in the execution of its mission to uplift the underrepresented in our community. The communal efforts of all Hermanos together vastly multiplies any singular achievement of one brother alone making the lifelong bonds of brotherhood we foster as an organization indispensable to our mission.