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Lambda Upsilon Lambda Announces 2015 Medical Mission

Dajabón, DR — March 2015


It is with great pleasure that we present to you the 2015 LUL Medical Mission to Dajabón, Dominican Republic on June 6 – 14, 2015.  This year, La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.  has partnered up with Waves of Health on this intitivative to address the medical needs of the people in the Dajabón Province.

The Dajabón Province is in the northeast corner of the Dominican Republic. About 90,000 people live within the province, and over 60,000 live in the municipalities of Dajabón and Loma de Cabrera. The local economy primarily depends on agriculture and trade with neighboring Haiti. Unfortunately, the people of Dajabón have little economic development and poor access to healthcare. Volunteers will fly into the Puerto Plata and drive to Dajabón and Loma de Cabrera. Meals, housing and transportation in the Dominican Republic will be provided. At the conclusion of the mission, volunteers will spend two relaxing days at the Barcelo Puerto Plata, an all-inclusive resort that is included.

The mission‘s overall budget is much greater than what we ask in terms of contributions.  Each participant will be asked to contribute $400 to go towards the costs of food, housing, medications, transportation, and hotel stay.  Airfare is not included. For those traveling out of Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, there will be a discounted group rate that has been prepared by Waves of Health. The deadline to qualify for the group rate out of Newark is quickly approaching so please contact us quickly if you are interested in applying for this.

In order to better serve the community of the Dajabón Province, we are actively seeking the support and participation of more medical doctor’s and nurses. If you are an MD or an RN, please consider applying for our 2015 mission as your expertise will be sorely needed to more adequately educate and help the people living in this province of the Dominican Republic. If you do not speak Spanish, do not let this deter you as translators will be plentiful.

Please visit the official 2015 Medical Mission page for more information. You will be able to apply via that page and find out more about the 2015 LUL Medical Mission and Waves of Health.

For more information, you may reach out to the National Officer of Community Affairs, Glenn Garcia at

Hermano Erik Paulino Speaks On Bout With Testicular Cancer

New York, NY — November 2014

Testicular Cancer - MovemberBeginning November 2014, after seeing the initiative from Hermano Quedwin Medina (SPR ’08, H), La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. made the decision to nationally join the Movember movement in order to begin raising awareness on issues of men’s health including mental health, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. “The Movember Foundation challenges men to grow moustaches during Movember, to spark conversation and raise vital funds for its men’s health programs.” Utilizing the hashtag #MoLambdas, Hermanos from across the country began to join, growing moustaches and raising money for the Movember Foundation. According to its website, “the Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health.” Having “raised $559 million to date and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries”, the national leadership saw this as an opportunity for Hermanos all over the world to get involved in raising awareness about health issues affecting men everywhere. If you wish to learn more about #Movember, or are interested in supporting Hermanos currently participating, please visit our national network here:

As we begin to reach the end of Movember, we would like to share the story of Hermano Erik Paulino (SPR ’90, ∆), a two-time testicular cancer survivor who, in light of the recent Movember initiative, has decided to share his journey and story of survival in his own words:

My name is Erik Paulino, and I am 43 years old. I’m an Hermano of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc., and pledged at the University of Pennsylvania (Delta Chapter) in the Spring of 1990. I’m married, and have been with my wife Aida for over 10 years. We have beautiful 2-year-old twin daughters.

I am also a two-time testicular cancer survivor; six years in remission.

I was first diagnosed with testicular cancer in one testis when I was 35 years old, which is peculiar Testicular Cancer - Movemberbeing that 35 is normally considered the end of the age range for men to be at high risk for the disease. As you can imagine, the first time being told that you have cancer even though you never felt anything out of the ordinary, or even felt pain, was unbelievable. The questions were overflowing and constant throughout that time. Most significantly I wanted to know – Why? What caused it? Why there? Can only the bad cells just be surgically removed, leaving the testis? How will this change my sex life? Will I be able to have kids?

When one thinks of cancer, images of the effects of chemo – people losing all of their hair – come to mind. Death comes to mind. Lifelong infertility comes to mind. With these images swirling in my mind, I decided I wanted to have the best treatment available, and went to Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in the Upper East Side where I had me diagnosis confirmed, and the doctors decided that the best course of action would need to be an orchiectomy, a month of radiation, and ongoing surveillance. Before we could move forward, I was strongly urged to bank sperm. Because, even though I would still have one testis, it’s never known what the overall effects the radiation may have.

Banking sperm, especially when your state of mind is disturbed with the sense that your time is limited as the surgery needs to happen as soon as possible, is not pleasant, but I was able to bank some vials and have them cryopreserved. This will eventually prove to be one of my greatest decisions and lead to sun shines later in life.

On June 2, 2006, I had the surgery, which was successful, and before I fully recovered, I had to start radiation, which entailed daily doses on the inguinal lymphatic region that left me extremely fatigued, but still able to report to work.

After radiation, that was it. I was done with the hard part. Now I just needed to report for regular monthly x-rays and annual CT-scans, in addition to medical exams to make sure the cancer stayed in remission. I was told the radiation should’ve done its job of “killing” any lingering cancer cells and  that it would decrease my chances for a recurrence from 16 percent to a mere 4 percent. The remaining testis would produce enough testosterone and sperm for my body’s needs. You only really need one, I was constantly told.

I continued with my life, with a greater appreciation for life as the experience made me more grateful for what I had, and for those that loved me. I was now a cancer survivor.

Two years later, at 37 years of age, I reported for a regular medical appointment at the hospital, and was told news that no testicular cancer survivor wants to hear, my remaining testis had cancer cells. In essence, the cancer was back. With this cancer resurgence, the normal medical response would be radiation, chemotherapy, and retroperitoneal lymph node dissection, along with the necessary orchiectomy.

Now I was really scared. Surgery would be more invasive, permanently affecting my immune system with the removal of critical lymph nodes. At this point, I’ve heard more horror stories about chemo, in addition to fear of the unknown. What if I go through all this, and it comes back again? The risk was already just 4 percent, and it came back! Maybe this is worse than they originally thought. Depression started setting in. But I had to keep strong. I had to trust in God and rely on the support of my loved ones.

I was told that an orchiectomy and aggressive surveillance would be the best course of action. The second orchiectomy was a success, but now my body had no way of producing sperm or testosterone. My initial cryopreserved sperm was it…for the rest of my life.

Testosterone replacement was handled with daily doses of Androgel, and I once again continued with my life, now riddled with more regular x-rays, blood tests, ct-scans, and medical appointments.

Amidst all this, later that year, I got engaged, and married the following September 2009. A year later, my wife and I decided to look into the feasibility of birthing a child, and met with fertility doctors at Cornell Weill Medical Center.  We had no way of knowing if the cryopreserved sperm would be useable once it was thawed, let alone the high possibility of the procedure not working. I had no idea how many of the vials of sperm would be used, or if all would be consumed in one attempt.

To make a long story short, my twin daughters, Camila Belen and Valentina Chloe were born on TwinsDecember 2011, after a successful in-vitro fertilization in April 2011.

My life has been blessed. Without this story, these girls would not be sleeping in their beds as I type these words. Now, with six years in remission, my ct-scans are back to being annual, and x-rays/medical exams are semi-annual. Testosterone replacement is currently done with a dozen pellets surgically inserted into my flanks every three months as Androgel is no longer an option because of the danger of exposure to my young children. All-in-all these are small prices to pay in order to live the blessed life I have been given.

We, as men, don’t care enough about ourselves. Too many of us have lost fathers, uncles, brothers, and grandfathers to illnesses that are preventable. We can stop smoking. We can drink moderately. We can eat well. We can exercise. We can go for regular medical check-ups. We can protect ourselves. We cannot ignore signs of ailment. We have a responsibility to ourselves, and our loved ones to keep ourselves well to the best of our ability. It’s time to ensure that we, as men, raise awareness about the issues that plague our gender.

LUL Receives Approval For Colonization At Emory University

Atlanta, GA — October 2013

Emory University SealLa Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. is pleased to announce we have received approval for colonization at Emory University (Atlanta, GA). LUL has worked diligently to ensure expansion in the Atlanta area and is excited to be offered the opportunity to do so at one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. We look forward to working with administration, students, and other campus organizations to establish a positive presence on campus through educating and engaging the Emory community.

Lambda Upsilon Lambda prides ourselves on the goal of growing leaders and being represented by exceptional men within our respective communities. As such, we strive to be strongly represented at all top universities in the country. As a top 20 institution in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report, we recognize Emory as one such exceptional opportunity. This new development will further allow LUL to establish a chapter of Lambda men who will be competent, conscientious, and compassionate leaders.

LUL takes great pride in our diversity as an organization, and we welcome all types of interested gentlemen. At Emory, we look to continue the tradition of this great institution and grow a chapter of diverse, exceptional men who are involved on campus, have a passion to uplift their own community, and seek a true brotherhood that cares for one another and strives to excel in everything it attempts. We seek individuals who proactively aim to be at the forefront of academic excellence, community service, and cultural awareness as well as those who aspire to join hundreds of current undergraduate Hermanos (brothers) as presidents, officers, executive board members, administrative committee members, and leaders of various other campus organizations. In return, we will provide you with valuable personal and professional leadership skills in addition to a true lifetime experience of genuine brotherhood and support.

Expansion efforts will begin in the spring 2014 semester, with monthly informational meetings in order to engage and educate the Emory community on the mission and goals of Lambda Upsilon Lambda. The Georgia Regional Board, along with several Hermanos from the surrounding chapters at Georgia State and Georgia Tech, will be visiting the Emory campus throughout the semesters to help foster relationships among any interested gentlemen. For more information about Lambda Upsilon Lambda or the colonization at Emory, please fill out this form.

LUL Hosts Fraternal Cup For Charity

West Windsor, NJ — October, 2013

The Fraternal CupOn October 5, 2013, La Unidad Latina hosted the 2013 Fraternal Cup, a charity soccer tournament where the participating teams raise money for charity.
This year, La Unidad Latina invited Lambda Sigma Upsilon, Latino Fraternity Inc. and Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. to compete in The Fraternal Cup and to raise money for the Princeton University Preparatory Program (“PUPP”).  Founded in 2001 by the Princeton University Program in Teacher Preparation, the PUPP is a rigorous, academic and cultural enrichment program that supports high-achieving, low-income high school students from public school districts in NJ.  PUPP is multi-year, tuition-free program that prepares participants for admission to and ongoing success within selective colleges and universities.

The tournament took place at Mercer County Community College in West Windsor NJ.  After morning play, La Unidad Latina and Lambda Sigma Upsilon advanced on to the final. Before awarding the charity check to PUPP, attendees were treated to a performance by Mas Flow, Princeton University’s Latin Dance group.Between the three teams, a total of $2,056 was awarded to the program (I’m assuming the fees for eventbrite are covered).  The check was presented to Torey T. Wilson, Associate Director of PUPP; Jackie Hernandez, Alumni Fellow of PUPP, and two current PUPP Scholars.

After teams ended the game time 2-2, the winner was decided by penalty kicks.  Lambda Sigma Upsilon took The Fraternal Cup Trophy home by winning 4-3.

Hermano Rudy. A. Rodas, who was inducted at Chi Chapter in Spring 2006 and is an alumnus of PUPP ‘s first graduating class (Class of 2004), organized the event. He said, “It turned out to be a great event due to all the help from the organizations involved.  The people that participated came from places like Connecticut to all way down from North Carolina.  More importantly, we were able to help PUPP in its mission of preparing low income high school to attend selective colleges.  I know that without PUPP’s help, I would not have been able to gain admission to college and eventually go on to law school.”

For more information about PUPP, visit

Lambda Upsilon Lambda Charters 6 New Chapters at National Convention

Las Vegas, NV— July, 2013

charter_genericOn Sunday July 21st, La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated officially chartered 6 new chapters at the 25th Annual National Convention in Las Vegas, NV. The 6 new chapters of Lambda Upsilon Lambda are:

  • Beta Theta Chapter – State University of New York at Cortland
  • Beta Iota Chapter – University of Connecticut
  • Beta Kappa Chapter – University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Beta Lambda Chapter – Adelphi University
  • Beta Mu Chapter – Northern Illinois University
  • Beta Nu Chapter – Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis

The fraternity welcomed the 6 newest additions and congratulated them on successfully completing the chartering process. Lambda Upsilon Lambda strives to be strongly represented at respected institutions of higher education by developing Lambda men who are competent, conscientious, and compassionate leaders. The fraternity will continue to work diligently with university administration, students, and other organizations to establish a positive presence on their respective campus.

The Board of Trustees and National Council appreciates the efforts of all those involved in the establishment of the new chapters. For more information about establishing a new chapter of Lambda Upsilon Lambda please visit or contact the Director of Expansion at

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