Lambda Guilds

The Professional Guild system was created to develop and promote the success of Hermanos within the fraternity in the areas of medicine, law and education.

Medical Guild

The Medical Guild exists to benefit Hermanos by organizing the medical and scientific talent of its membership to deliver more efficient care, advocate for the Latino community, and to serve as a resource for Latinos at every level of medical training and practice.

Law Guild

The Law Guild exists to benefit Hermanos by the recruitment, retention, and placement of Hermanos in the legal arena as a vehicle to foster the professional success of its members and serve as an effective legal force in the service of the Fraternity, its Hermanos, and the community at large.

Education Guild

The Education Guild will provide an opportunity for Hermanos to exchange ideas, programs and teaching techniques. It will serve as a resource for Undergraduates who are seeking insight within the field of education while being able to shadow other Hermanos.