academics_lulLa Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Fraternity Inc. was established in 1982 by 13 men on a mission to combat inequities in their environment. The huge educational gap that existed within the Latino community was a primary concern.  As Cornell undergraduate students, the founding fathers overcame the shortcomings of their communities to gain entry to a top ranking university. Along their journey they observed the difficulties fellow classmates endured as they pursued success in higher education. It is from this experience La Unidad Latina   developed is academic ambitions.

La Unidad Latina works feverishly to make a difference within its communities. Its greatest tool is leading by example. This is why La Unidad Latina has created innovative and forward thinking programs to help increase the rate of retention and success for their undergraduate constituents. The following are La Unidad Latina’s current programs:

Strategic 4.0 Program

La Unidad Latina developed a system to create individualized academic programs for students which tracks performance, grades and utilizes respective school resources to optimize learning. La Unidad Latina understands academics comes above all else while in college, we collaborate with our Alumni Hermanos to cultivate success for our undergraduates.

Academic Mentorship Program

La Unidad Latina pairs Alumni  to undergraduates studying in a related career field. This is a one-on-one program providing advisory, resources and aid to aspiring Hermanos.

The LUL Professional Guilds: Medical, Law, and Educational

La Unidad Latina is driven to supply the Latino community with intelligent, ambitious, and confident gentlemen. The Professional Guild functions to provide career knowledge, networking, and internship experience.

Going Beyond

La Unidad Latina also strives to be a source of information for all individuals. As you navigate our site you will see information about scholarships, grants, internships, and career opportunities. Our goal is to provide support for all Latinos to achieve their greatest potential.

In today’s society education allows us to reach the next level, builds our careers, and get us the best jobs.  Our academics is what helps us understand the world better and teaches us to stand up to all the challenges that life throws at us. The quality of our academics helps shape our overall personality, way of thinking, and our attitude towards life. As a result, we will forever be students as each day something new and exciting is learned.

Education is an important principle to La Unidad Latina, because its’ goal is and will forever be to unite and advance minorities to excel pass their comfort zone. Education was, is, and continues to be the most important principle to our Founding Fathers mission.