Regional Leadership

Regional Boards serve as a local extension of La Fraternidad’s National Leadership. Having a local leadership allows the fraternity to more immediately addresses the needs of the Hermanos within these regions, advocating for the needs of their region. This helps the National Council to oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization, from chapter management to expansion.


Mid-Atlantic Region

New England Region

Oscar Nicholas Zubieta, Regional Director
Alejandro Jimenez, Regional Director

New Jersey/Pennsylvania Region

Capital Region

Esteban Roldan, Regional Director
Miguel Molina, Regional Director

Western New York Region

New York Metro Region

Miguel Mateo, Regional Director
Gregory Clarke, Regional Director

Florida Expansion

Mid-West Region

Jonathan Vasquez, Regional Director
Luis Bautista, Regional Director

Texas Expansion

California Expansion

Caesar Alvarez, Regional Director
Albert Aguilar, Regional Director

Georgia Expansion

Omar Rodriguez, Regional Director