Regional Leadership

Regional Boards serve as a local extension of La Fraternidad’s National Leadership. Having a local leadership allows the fraternity to more immediately addresses the needs of the Hermanos within these regions, advocating for the needs of their region. This helps the National Council to oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization, from chapter management to expansion.


Mid-Atlantic Region

New England Region

Oscar Nicholas Zubieta, Regional Director
Juan Aleman, ARD-Operations
Kevin Mendoza, ARD-Programming
Jason Puryear, ARD-NME
Manuel Gomez, Regional Director
Caesar Bodden, ARD-Operations
Raul Irizarry, ARD-Programming
Nicolas Correa, ARD-NME

New Jersey/Pennsylvania Region

Capital Region

Mario Tano, Regional Director
David Gomez, ARD-Operations
Esteban Roldan, ARD-Programming
Bairon Rivas, ARD-NME
Miguel Molina, Regional Director
Vladimir Almonte, ARD-Operations
Alfredo Balarin, ARD-Programming
Osvaldo Marte, ARD-NME

Western New York Region

New York Metro Region

Jonathan Pomboza, Regional Director
Marcos Burgos, ARD-Operations
Cesar Saravia, ARD-Programming
Shaun Villanueva, ARD-NME
Lizardo Uribe, Regional Director
Gregory Hamilton-Clarke, ARD-Operations
Kenni Silverio, ARD-Programming

Florida Expansion

Mid-West Region

Mauricio Caro, Regional Director
Richard Benitez, ARD-Operations
Willian Neris, ARD-Programming
Lazaro Camacho, ARD-NME
Cuitlahuac Heredia, Regional Director
Andres Galvis, ARD-Operations
Carlos Samaniego, ARD-Programming
Orlando Corral, ARD-NME

Texas Expansion

California Expansion

Elois Pesina, Regional Director Albert Aguilar, Regional Director
Edward Barrows, ARD-Operations
Jorge Jimenez, ARD-Programming
Ramon Zepeda, ARD-NME

Georgia Expansion

Zachary Baur, Regional Director
Josue Negron, ARD-Operations
Jared Mezquita, ARD-Programming
Andy Rivas, ARD-Expansion
David Sotto, ARD-NME